ISMY | Orologi Colorati in Gomma e Occhiali da Sole MADE IN ITALY

The ISMY promise: high quality products made in Italy

“The aim of ISMY is to plan and produce accessories of Italian fashion attaining to the huge  heritage of competences and quality of design, showing the peculiarity of “The Italian Style”.

The ISMY watches are made of the finest antibacterial and anallergic rubber, available in different colours and styles, they are economic, ultra-resistant  and eco-friendly. Designed and producedin Italy.

A symbol of pure “made in italy”style!

With our watches and with our next products we try to anticipate you the future of fashion through this views, dynamical and unexpected, of the fashion of tomorrow. We also try to incorporate a touch of the past in our creations  through an active inspiration from the renowned  Italian history of creativity, invention, quality and style.

So take a look to our products and call out the monotonicity by wearing ISMY.

You will be immediately noticed.

ISMY watches have interchangeable wristband. Take a look to how easy it is to change it.

ISMY offers you wristwatches with interchangeable wristband made with highly resistant rubber.


Take off the case by pushing on the lower part of the wristband, next to the center of the dial.


The case comes out from the rubber, giving the possibility to take it out.


In order to easily change the case, position the crown in its specific place. At least push it on its rubber area.

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