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Terms of Use ISMY Web Site

TERMS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE www.ismystyle.com

The website www.ismystyle.com is owned and operated by ISmy Snc, Viale L. Zanussi 3, 33170 Pordenone, Italy. For any communication concerning the website, send an e-mail to: info@ismystyle.com.
By accessing or using ISmy’s website, you signify that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms of Use.


All content of the website (texts, images, photos, logos, trademarks, software, sounds, videos and all other content of the website that is not explicitly connected to third parties) is property of ISmy Snc, all rights reserved.
Therefore, it is prohibited any sort of economic use (e.g., copy, reproduction, publication, sale, broadcasting, distribution, transmission to third parties) of the content of the website, unless agreed to by ISmy Snc. Moreover, you agree not to change or delete any ownership notices from materials downloaded or printed from the website.
Trademarks and logos on the website that are not property of ISmy Snc but of the societies that produce the products on sale are exclusive property of these societies and cannot be used without their consent.
The user will be responsible for any actions that take place while using his computer and account, even in the case of actions carried out by third parties and without his knowledge. ISmy Snc is not responsibile for any damages deriving from an inappropriate use of the website contents.

The Society does not guarantee that the information and services appearing on the website correspond to the expectation of the user.
ISmy Snc is not responsible for any damage deriving from the contents and/or the functioning of web pages that are linked to its website. Nevertheless, the Society undertakes to consider the removal of harmful links reported by users.
According to the art. 1229 cc, users undertake to guarantee ISmy Snc, the subjects controlled by and connected to it, its representatives, employees and collaborators against any obligation of compensation, including legal costs, that might derive from the use of the website.
ISmy Snc is not responsible for any possible damage, claim or loss, direct or indirect, deriving from the defective functioning or non-functioning of electrical equipment connected to the use of the website, including Internet Service Providers and any other connection managed and run by third parties. The Society cannot be considered defaulting on its contractual obligations or responsible for damages if the non-functioning of the website or the service depends on causes of force majeure non-manageable and non-predictable by the Society (e.g., unavailability of telephone connections or access to the Internet, acts of sabotage carried out by third parties, etc.).
Any violation of the General Conditions of Use of the website and/or any other action referable to the user and aimed at damaging the same website or the image of the Society will entail the cancellation of the data of the user himself and the impossibility of entering the website and its services, withstanding any faculty of the Society of taking legal action for the possible damages it has suffered.

3.Other Terms
ISmy Snc reserves the right to modify at any moment the structure, graphics and General Conditions of the website without any responsibility towards the users.
The General Terms of Use and the relations between ISmy Snc and the users are governed by the Italian law. Any dispute concerning exclusively these conditions shall be finally settled by the court of Pordenone.
If any of the General Terms of Use is invalid or inapplicable, the Terms themselves will be interpreted according to the remaining dispositions.
ISmy Snc will be glad to receive comments and remarks on its services from its users. Any information given by the user and not required by the Society can be freely used and will not determine any contractual obligation for the Society itself.

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