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ISMY is a young and dynamic Italian producer of rubber watches and other fashion accesories like fashion sunglasses and trendy T-Shirts. We have a factory in Pordenone, where we produce our rubber watches, and all ISMY products are proudly Made in Italy.

We also have a Brand Store in the beautiful Caorle, where we sell all our products.

ISMY is an emerging fashion brand founded on the vision that the Italian fashion style can be dynamic, young, colorful, and highly contemporary, while in the same time continuing the legacy of exceptional design and production quality found in Italian creations over the centuries.

We are one of the top 3 rubber watches producers in Italy and compared to the others, our watches have the following differentiation and advantage points:

- Eco-friendly watches – at the end of its life cycle, the rubber can be decomposed into granules and reused, or else easily eliminated.

- Anti-allergic and antibacterial – because we use a special rubber of biomedical origin, processed with a new patented technique.

- Ultra-resistant rubber strap – it goes up to holding up to 23 kg in stretching.

- Made in Italy mark on the products, since the products are conceived, designed, and produced in Italy, continuing a line of great Italian tradion in creating highly qualitative products.

These aspects make ISMY products a very interesting player in the fashion accessories market, especially now when more and more buyers are concerned about the quality and the impact the products they use have on their skin and on the nature.

At the moment, ISMY sells three wrist watch categories:

  • The Fashion Line: For fashiony young women and men, with 22 tipes of straps and 7 types of watch mechanisms, for 154 possible combinations! These watches are for the moments one feels the need to be sophisticated. They are smooth lines and a consistent color all the way!
  • The Sport Line: For people with lots of energy and a more sporty spirit. Ideal for all day use both at the beach or at the office.
  • The Disco Line: For more sophisticated people and with bold intentions. It goes within a casual look with a touch of color and style. Minimal two colors design, for a great look and warm touch
All ISMY watches have interchangeable mechanisms, so that any watch mechanism goes with any strap, thus creating a high variety of color and style combinations.
For any inquiry concerning partnerships  and reselling proposals, please fill in the form below. We promise you,  we’ll get back to you in maximum 48 hours. 

Make business with us


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