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The present guarantee is offered by ISMY, in addition to the rights guaranteed by the law in compliance with the ordinances of the directive 1999/44/CE, as put into practice in Italy by the D.lgs 2 February 2002, number 24, regarding materials for sale and guarantee of consumer goods, in order to facilitate the consumer.
Therefore, the consumer is free to take advantage of the rights prescribed by the law with regards to the guarantee and to activate the forms of assistance of the same guarantee voluntarily offered by the producer.


This warranty covers the repairing of the watch or the free substitution of its components that present production defects.
Only when ISMY considers the repairing impossible or unfavourable, the watch will be substituted with an identical one. May this be impossible, the defective watch will be substituted with another one of the same techno-functional characteristics.
Apart from the binding and unprejudiced rights the buyer is covered with by the law, the present certificate of guarantee excludes:
1- defects caused by the consumer and due to wrong use, maintenance and preservation in places that do not conform to the instruction book or to good common sense;
2- normal use of the product or of its parts and components.
The present warranty is not effective if the product is repaired by unauthorized people or with parts that are not original or do not comply with the necessary security and quality requirements.
The presence of a defect does not imply the extension of the guarantee period beyond the limits indicated in this certificate. In no case the product can be substituted other than in compliance with the hypothesis presented in this paragraph.


In the case that the consumer verifies a functional defect within 24 months after the date of the purchase of the new product, ISMY undertakes to ensure their obligations of guarantee.


Once the presence of any running defect has been verified, the consumer can address the keeper of the shop where the product was bought, and he in turn will deliver the watch to ISMY.
When asking for intervention, the proof of purchase of the new product, within and not beyond 24 months, MUST be made, exhibiting this form stamped and signed by the shop keeper at the moment of the purchase.
After verifying the product, ISMY may formulate two conclusions:

- the product is defective: in this case, ISMY will take action immediately in order to repair or substitute the product, undertaking to accomplish everything as quickly as possible;

- the defect, as considered at paragraph A, does not exist: in this case, ISMY will not repair nor substitute the product.

For any further information, please contact ISMY at info@ismystyle.com

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