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Green difference

Why rubber watches? – The answer is in the benefits it gives you.

Are you concerned about your skin?
Do you respect the environment? Then you’ll definitely appreciate the benefits of the rubber watch signed by ISMY.

There are some people who buy a watch with the bracelet made of silicone and then regret it, because of various reasons, many of them concerning it’s safety towards your skin and its resistance over time.

Now, ISMY is totally different. We  use for all the straps in our watches a special rubber, also used in medical fields, being environmentally friendly, an-allergic, highly stretchable and resistant.

Why we choose to create rubber strap watches? – Because the rubber is more durable and provides greater flexibility. It can be created also in translucent colors, and offers an undisputed dermatological warranty. In addition to fluo colors, rubber allows us to offer also a semi-transparent strap (see the watches in the Translucent Line).

The production is also made with a trade-marked technology by ISMY, making the rubber straps of the watches a unique product worldwide.

Moreover, it has another wonderful characteristic: it’s Eco-friendly. Therefore, it respects your skin, without irritating it, and it also respects the environment. At the end of its life cycle, it can be decomposed into granules and reused, or else easily eliminated.

The difference is green with ISMY!

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