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Eco Friendly Philosophy at ISMY

ISMY: eco-friendly philosophy

ISMY considers the protection of our environment as an essential factor when it comes to safeguarding the future of our planet.

From packaging to the product itself, ISMY offers environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) products, using raw materials that are easily recoverable and ecological.

Please browse through the list of materials used for the production of ISMY product: rubber watches


1. Special medical-origin rubber 

For the straps of all the ISMY watches, we use a special rubber, also used in medical fields, being environmentally friendly, an-allergic, highly stretchable and resistant.
The production is also made with a trade-marked technology by ISMY, making the rubber straps of the watches a unique product worldwide.
Why we choose to create rubber strap watches? – Because the rubber is more durable and provides greater flexibility. It can be created also in translucent colours, and offers an unbeaten dermatological warranty. In addition to semi-transparent colours, rubber allows us to offer also a transparent strap (see the watches in the Disco Line).
Also, at the end of its life cycle, it can be decomposed into granules and reused, or disposed of easily.

2. Perspex

Mechanical recycling means that parts made of Plexiglas can be reintroduced into the processing cycle. Products made from recycled materials are of the same high quality as the original ones.
How can you dispose of the plexiglass? Thanks to its properties, the plexiglass is intended mainly for the manufacture of articles of high quality and durable, and less for products intended to be consumed and disposed of within a short time. Thanks to its resistance to aging and water, Plexiglas remains fully functional even after many years of service, and does not need to be replaced at an early stage. At the end of its life, in small quantities it can be disposed of as household waste that is not classified as hazardous waste.

3. Battery mercury-free

ISMY uses for its watches only mercury-free batteries. Mercury is recognised as a neuro-toxin is harmful to humans and animals. Exposure to even small amounts of mercury, for a long time, can cause serious health problems and damage to the brain, liver, lung and, during pregnancy, the baby’s growth.

4. Recycled materials for packaging

The packages that we use are made with at least 80% with the use of recycled materials. It is recycled and recyclable at the same time.

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