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Made in Italy Products

The ancient and prestigious label “Made in Italy” represents a guarantee  you can wear with pride.

All the ISMY products are inspired by Italian symbols and by the real Italian Spirit. Materials, features, colours. Symbols like the cookery, the foodstuffs, the style and the creativity of the fashion industry, represent the expression of the Made in Italy and of the Italian product all over the world.

We choose to offer our public Made in Italy watches, glasses and T-shirt, placing at their disposal creativity and manufacturing ability able to give an high productive quality and a famous and an all over the world highly valued style.

ISMY produces in Italy::

Coloured rubber-watches

Orologi da polso colorati in gomma ISMY ItaliaISMY produces not only a Made in Italy watch, but also a watch which takes care of your skin. The wristband is made with a special rubber, treated with a particular patented technique.

Our watch is anallergic, antibacterial, antielctrostatic. It respects your skin without irritating it and respects also the nature.

At the end of its life cycle it can be factorised in granules and reused, or easily cleared.

The wristband is ULTRA-RESISTANT, more resistant than the silicone, in fact it resists to 23 kg of stretch!

The dial is constituted by a steel-case, the MYOTA motion of mechanics (property of Citizen) is of high quality and precision, provided with fixing-crown and substitutable lithium battery.

We created three watches’ line: Fashion Line Watches, Translucent Line Watches, Fluo Line Watches.


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